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Guinness – Red Harvest Stout


Guinness doesn’t have a website up for this beer.  Here is what the can says:

Samhain, an ancient Celtic festival held every year on All Hallows’ Eve, celebrates the end of the fall harvest and the coming of winter.  On this night, the believers beckon restless spirits from the darkness with bonfires and sweet offerings from the bountiful harvest.  Guinness Red Harvest Stout captures the spirit of that night with its alluring blend of lightly roasted barley and subtly sweet Irish malt.


Alec:  It looks nice and red, unlike some other red beers.  It’s a more clear, more red Guinness.  Same head and everything.


Vince:  It smells like normal Guinness.

Alec:  Yeah plain Guinness.


Alec:  Man, that’s good!

Vince:  Yeah, I could definitely see this for a holiday meal or something.  That is smooth, that’s smoother than some Pepsi products.

Alec:  Smoother than water!

Vince:  It wouldn’t be hard to down this entire glass in like, a second.

Alec:  This is almost too smooth; it’s not a sit and sip kinda beer.

Vince:  This is the complete opposite spectrum of beers that I normally like, but it’s just so smooth you can’t help but like it.  I’m imagining drinking this with Thanksgiving dinner, and it wouldn’t overpower anything, which would be great.  I’m impressed.  This is really good, I’m kind of upset that it’s almost gone.

Alec:  I know, we both just blasted right through it.  It has the nitro can too so even though we’ve been drinking this for five minutes now my head still looks like I just poured it.


Vince:  It sits good in the stomach too, I don’t feel like I just had an entire glass of Guinness.

Alec:  So we’re going to drink another one of these while we watch Star Wars?

Vince nods.

Alec:  I could drink an entire pack of these I think.

Vince:  I could drink this like water.

Final Thoughts

Vince:  Definitely recommend this. I hope they keep it around for a little while so I can have lots of it.

Alec:  This has to be my new favorite Guinness.  I’d rather drink this than the regular stuff.

Vince:  I’d agree, I’m so impressed.  You don’t get any nasty byproducts.

Alec:  I agree, there’s nothing that stands out too much, but if you want a good easy-to-drink beer, it’s great.

Vince:  Yeah, this is a no-brainer for any meal that you have.  A no-brainer for just sitting around; this is pretty much your jack-of-all-trades beer.  I could have this during a Bar-B-Q and not feel like I’m drinking a Guinness.

Alec:  Guinness, keep it around.

Vince:  Exactly.

Innis & Gunn – Irish Whiskey Cask


From the website:

This special bottling of Innis & Gunn has been matured in rare oak barrels from a famous distillery in Ireland. These barrels had previously been used to mature one of the great triple distilled Irish whiskeys. The result of this unique maturation is a big, full flavoured, complex beer with a delightful warming finish.


Alec:  The head on this thing goes for miles.

Vince:  This looks like it’s diesel fuel.

Alec:  The head on it is solid.  It doesn’t even try to even out.

Josh:  This is…jet black.

Vince:  Murky pond water.


Alec:  It smells like a good stout.

Josh:  Mmmmm yeah, that’s good.

Vince:  Smells really good.


Alec:  That’s good.

Josh:  Yeah.

Vince:  It’s a little too sweet for my taste.  You can definitely get the whiskey tones to it.

Josh:  It’s really weird.

Vince:  I don’t like the taste.

Alec:  It’s really strong.

Josh:  It’s a strange thing.

Josh:  The taste of the barrel on top of a stout is very…interesting.  It’s what you want when you want to taste whiskey but not get drunk.  I don’t hate it, but the taste of the whiskey barrel is definitely there, and I don’t think that I like it.

Vince:  I like my stouts on the coffee end instead of the…

Vince:  What’s it like to be a dog and be afraid of coins in a jar?

Vince:  This tastes like when something is rusting in water.

Alec:  It’s diluted oil.

Vince:  That’s 6,000 mile oil right there.

Vince:  I hate to go back to the Chimay again, but this has those same overtones to me.

Alec:  It’s just like the Milk Stout to me.

Josh:  I smell the Milk Stout.

Vince:  No way, you guys need to have a Milk Stout and compare them.

Alec:  Ok.

At this point, Vince takes Alec’s glass into the kitchen to clean it out, and accidentally smashes it into the sink.

Josh:  He hates this beer so much he smashed that glass.  “What if I can’t clean it enough to get the taste out?”

Josh:  The Milk Stout has more coffee tones.

Alec:  The Milk Stout tastes weaker.

Vince/Josh:  It is weaker.

Vince:  But it’s better.  It’s so smooth.

Alec:  It is smoother, but I don’t think it’s any better.

Josh:  The tastes of the whiskey and the beer just don’t compliment each other.


Vince:  It’s really heavy.  I can feel it sitting.

Alec:  This is not a sipping beer.  This would go great with Irish food.

Josh:  It gets better as you get used to the taste.

Final Thoughts

Vince:  It’s alright.

Alec:  I like it as much as I like the Milk Stout.

Josh:  I would give this a 2.5.

Vince:  It’s an interesting taste for sure.  I like it, I think it’s OK.

Josh:  If I had options, this would not be what I would choose.

Alec:  I’d give this a 4, easily.

Left Hand Brewing – Milk Stout


From the website:

Milk sugar in your stout is like cream in your coffee. Dark and delicious, America’s great milk stout will change your perception about what a stout can be. Preconceived notions are the blinders on the road to enlightenment. Udderly delightful.


No food, but we had two other beers earlier in the night.


Ian: That head, look at it, it’s like Coke!

Josh: It is really weird-looking.

Vince: It looks just like a glass of Coke.

Ian: Look at that head!

Josh: I know I saw it.

Ian: You don’t understand!

Alec: It looks like espresso.


Ian: It smells good.

Josh: This smells incredible.

Ian: Have you ever had the Bold City coffee stout? That tastes amazing, and this, this smells better than that.

Alec: It smells like stale Guinness.

Josh: This is the first beer we’ve done, where I just want to keep smelling it.


Vince: This has a great taste to it.

Alec: It’s good.

Vince: This is probably one of my favorite stouts, right next to Yeti.

Donnie: I’ve never had Yeti, but this is really good.

Josh: It’s strange, it tastes so much like coffee.

Ian: This tastes great, this is great beer. I would order it over Guinness.

Alec: I would not.

Donnie: This would be incredible to drink over breakfast, not even kidding.


Josh: This is not as heavy as Guinness.

Vince: For people that don’t like stouts, this would be great. This doesn’t have that really strong bite to it.

Ian: I’d have another one after this.

Vince: Where does this beer take you? Where can you see yourself drinking this beer?

Ian: I see this like an afternoon beer, with a lunch.

Josh: This is a beer I could have in the morning.

Donnie: This is what I want tomorrow when I wake up, with steak and eggs.

Final Thoughts

Ian: It smells great, the color’s great.

Donnie: I would give this a 4.5.

Josh: Thank you!

Alec: I’d go 4, but that’s just because I like stouts.

Donnie: Are you not impressed only because you love Guinness so much?

Alec: No, I wouldn’t say that Guinness is a 5.

Vince: Would you say that Guinness is the best stout you’ve ever had?

Alec: I dunno about that either.

After they finished grilling Alec about his love affair with Guinness…

Vince: I can imagine having this on a cold winter night.

Ian: Is this better than a Guinness? I don’t know, but if they were next to each other, I would order this, because I could always get Guinness.

Josh: This has a more interesting taste.

Vince: This is enjoyable.

Donnie: If any beer needs to adorn a gold medal, it’s this beer.

Vince: 4.5

Donnie: 4.5

Ian: 4.5. I don’t know what’s going to get a 5, but this is as close as it’s going to get so far.

Josh: I’m going to say 4, because I don’t want Donnie to have to make half of whatever we decide on [for ratings].

Alec: I’m going with 4.

Vince: If nothing becomes 5, this will become my 5.

Donnie: Yeah.

Josh: Right now this leads the category in stout for me, period.

Donnie: Probably the best thing I could say is I’m sad I don’t have any more.

Josh: This is better beer.

We then decided to evenly split the last bottle because we all wanted more.