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Quick Take: Sam Adams – Fat Jack


From the website:

This rich and luscious brew indulges in flavor with over 28 lbs. of pumpkin per barrel, for a full bodied sweetness and deep russet color.  Classic pumpkin pie spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, and allspice ignite a warmth and spark that’s deepened by an undercurrent of roasty smoked malts.  The result is a delectable brew full of enveloping layers of flavor and spice.


Dark cloudy brown, great head.


Pumpkin pie.


Full taste, thick, perfect blend of spices.

Final Thoughts

This is probably my favorite pumpkin beer.  I was surprised how much better this was over the Fall Hornin’, since I thought that was good.  It’s a wonderful pumpkin beer, and not too hoppy.

Quick Take: Anderson Valley – Fall Hornin’

I’m trying out a new format here since I’m the only person that likes pumpkin ales.  I recently tried two different brews out, here’s what I thought.


From the website:

With a brilliant, deep copper hue and creamy beige-colored head, our Fall Hornin’ Pumpkin Ale has inviting aromas of caramelized malt and baking bread with highlights of cinnamon, nutmeg, pumpkin and seasonal spices. The pleasantly creamy mouthfeel and silky body embrace the sweet caramel flavors and tang of spices (with just hint of hops) that ends in a smooth, round finish.


Dark brown color with a thick head.


Smells like pumpkin spice, but not too much.  This is nice since some of the beers overdo it.


Tastes like Bud mixed with a pumpkin spice shot from Starbucks.  Not bad.

Final Thoughts

Good pumpkin beer, nothing special, but not overpowering.

Guinness – Red Harvest Stout


Guinness doesn’t have a website up for this beer.  Here is what the can says:

Samhain, an ancient Celtic festival held every year on All Hallows’ Eve, celebrates the end of the fall harvest and the coming of winter.  On this night, the believers beckon restless spirits from the darkness with bonfires and sweet offerings from the bountiful harvest.  Guinness Red Harvest Stout captures the spirit of that night with its alluring blend of lightly roasted barley and subtly sweet Irish malt.


Alec:  It looks nice and red, unlike some other red beers.  It’s a more clear, more red Guinness.  Same head and everything.


Vince:  It smells like normal Guinness.

Alec:  Yeah plain Guinness.


Alec:  Man, that’s good!

Vince:  Yeah, I could definitely see this for a holiday meal or something.  That is smooth, that’s smoother than some Pepsi products.

Alec:  Smoother than water!

Vince:  It wouldn’t be hard to down this entire glass in like, a second.

Alec:  This is almost too smooth; it’s not a sit and sip kinda beer.

Vince:  This is the complete opposite spectrum of beers that I normally like, but it’s just so smooth you can’t help but like it.  I’m imagining drinking this with Thanksgiving dinner, and it wouldn’t overpower anything, which would be great.  I’m impressed.  This is really good, I’m kind of upset that it’s almost gone.

Alec:  I know, we both just blasted right through it.  It has the nitro can too so even though we’ve been drinking this for five minutes now my head still looks like I just poured it.


Vince:  It sits good in the stomach too, I don’t feel like I just had an entire glass of Guinness.

Alec:  So we’re going to drink another one of these while we watch Star Wars?

Vince nods.

Alec:  I could drink an entire pack of these I think.

Vince:  I could drink this like water.

Final Thoughts

Vince:  Definitely recommend this. I hope they keep it around for a little while so I can have lots of it.

Alec:  This has to be my new favorite Guinness.  I’d rather drink this than the regular stuff.

Vince:  I’d agree, I’m so impressed.  You don’t get any nasty byproducts.

Alec:  I agree, there’s nothing that stands out too much, but if you want a good easy-to-drink beer, it’s great.

Vince:  Yeah, this is a no-brainer for any meal that you have.  A no-brainer for just sitting around; this is pretty much your jack-of-all-trades beer.  I could have this during a Bar-B-Q and not feel like I’m drinking a Guinness.

Alec:  Guinness, keep it around.

Vince:  Exactly.

Anchor Brewing – BigLeaf Maple Autumn Red

BigLeaf MapleBeer

From the website:

BigLeaf Maple Autumn Red™ is a quaffable, well-balanced red ale with character. Its malty complexity and coppery color come from a combination of two caramel malts, pale malt, and a hint of maple syrup. To complement these flavors, we used three additions of Nelson Sauvin hops in the brewkettle and a unique blend of Nelson Sauvin, Citra, and Cascade for dry hopping. The result is a distinctive fall seasonal with extraordinary depth and intriguing aroma.

Special Note

We wanted to do a special set of reviews to celebrate our fantasy football draft.  We failed.  Our tasting quickly fell apart the moment the draft started as we all scrambled to adapt our strategies.  We had two beers we tasted before the draft ended, and then Josh had to run home.  His review was done at home and sent to us, and will be added in.  This was the only review we could manage to do properly, so enjoy.


Josh: No doubt this thing has maple syrup in it. This thing is absolutely beautiful. Dark, rich amber. Probably something Vince can do with flux.


Alec: It smells…fruity.

Evan: It smells pretty good.  Definitely fruity.

Josh: Smells as good as it looks. Definitely note the caramel and maple notes.


Vince: I like it.

Alec: It tastes different.

Vince: It’s really citrusy.

Alec: I don’t taste any maple on it.  Should I pour some maple syrup into it?

Evan: I don’t think that’s a good idea.  It’s pretty good, sticks around for a little while.

Alec: It’s really strong, that tangy, citrusy flavor.

Josh: Like nothing that I’ve had before. Can’t really put my tongue on it. A lot of complexity with the different ingredients.

Alec: I’m not a fan of this beer.

Vince: I like it.

Evan: What don’t you like about it?

Alec: There’s other hoppy beers that I prefer.  In those, the good part sticks around; in this one, the nastiness you get from a hoppy beer is what sticks around.

Evan: It does stick around longer than I would like, but I do like it.


Alec: I like it, I wouldn’t ever want a second one.

Evan: I would, I’d order another one.

Vince: Yeah this is very drinkable.

Alec: You guys like this?

Vince: I do, I’m a fan.  This reminds me of Hopsecutioner actually.

Evan: This would be a great game day beer.

Alec: I see where you’re coming from, but I dunno.

Sharon: What is this mug?

Vince: I got a plastic mug.

Alec: He’s in time-out.

Sharon: This tastes like doo-doo!  It’s cause I like sissy beers.

Evan: More sip-able than drinkable, but it’s good.

Final Thoughts

Alec: I wouldn’t turn this down, but I wouldn’t order it.

Vince: I would order this.

Alec: But would you order a second one after the first?

Vince: Yeah.

Vince: It’s got a bite.

Alec: Yeah but it’s not a bite that I like.

Evan: It’s never going to be my favorite, but it’s good.

Vince: This is like drinking an orange.

Evan: It doesn’t stand out in any way.

Evan: In about four months, sitting outside, this would be a much better beer.

Alec: <barfing noises>

Josh: I would definitely have more of this beer. It’s a fresh new taste for me and definitely one of the best Octoberfest/Autumn beers I’ve ever had. Pleasantly surprised by this one.

Black Sheep Brewery – Monty Python’s Holy Grail


From the website:

With more hops than a killer rabbit, it’s a full-flavoured golden ale with a distinctively fruity flavour followed by the Black Sheep signature dry finish.


Josh:  It has a great head.

Vince:  Great color.


Josh:  It smells nice.

Vince:  It smells really clean.

Alec:  Yeah, it just smells like….beer.


Alec:  It’s good, but…

Vince:  Good.

Alec:  It’s good but I don’t have anything else to say.

Evan:  There’s nothing that stands out.

Vince:  It’s a little too much on the sweet side for me.

Josh:  Tastes caramelly.  What is it supposed to taste like: “Tempered over burning witches.”

Evan:  Oh yeah, I can definitely taste the witch.

Josh:  They’re just trying to sell you merchandise on the box.

Alec:  Well, that’s really all it is, merchandise beer.  Not much to say about it.

Josh:  It’s not bad.

Vince:  This isn’t…very good.

Evan:  It’s not bad, it’s just not very good.


Vince:  It’s a little on the heavy side, and a little on the sweet side.

Alec:  You wouldn’t drink too many of these.

Evan:  It’s getting worse as you drink it.  I don’t know where that aftertaste came from.

Vince:  It’s got that tart apple taste.

Josh:  If you say cider I’m going to kill you.

Vince:  Not like a cider, like a sour apple.

Josh:  I really don’t like this beer.

Evan:  I know.

Vince:  I tried to chug it so I could just get through it.

Alec:  So we’re going to say not very drinkable.

Evan:  I would never order it.

Alec:  I wouldn’t be upset if I drank this at a bar, but I wouldn’t order it.

Vince:  You know what it kind of tastes like?  What’s that one beer, the monk beer?

Alec/Josh:  The chimay?

Vince:  Yeah, it tastes like that, if it was left out for a little while.

Evan:  It could be worse.

Josh:  It’s like lead.

Final Thoughts

Vince:  An underwhelming beer.  The name doesn’t do it justice; I was expecting it to be pretty amazing.

Evan:  It’s like every other Monty Python movie.

Alec:  It’s like every Monty Python movie?

Evan:  No just every other one.

Vince:  It’s heavy, it’s too sweet.  Great color though!  It’s got a great smell.

Josh:  Yeeaaaach!

Evan:  It starts off so well, then you drink it.

Josh:  It had a great head, it smelled nice.

Vince:  It smelled clean.  It didn’t have any sour notes to it.

Innis & Gunn – Irish Whiskey Cask


From the website:

This special bottling of Innis & Gunn has been matured in rare oak barrels from a famous distillery in Ireland. These barrels had previously been used to mature one of the great triple distilled Irish whiskeys. The result of this unique maturation is a big, full flavoured, complex beer with a delightful warming finish.


Alec:  The head on this thing goes for miles.

Vince:  This looks like it’s diesel fuel.

Alec:  The head on it is solid.  It doesn’t even try to even out.

Josh:  This is…jet black.

Vince:  Murky pond water.


Alec:  It smells like a good stout.

Josh:  Mmmmm yeah, that’s good.

Vince:  Smells really good.


Alec:  That’s good.

Josh:  Yeah.

Vince:  It’s a little too sweet for my taste.  You can definitely get the whiskey tones to it.

Josh:  It’s really weird.

Vince:  I don’t like the taste.

Alec:  It’s really strong.

Josh:  It’s a strange thing.

Josh:  The taste of the barrel on top of a stout is very…interesting.  It’s what you want when you want to taste whiskey but not get drunk.  I don’t hate it, but the taste of the whiskey barrel is definitely there, and I don’t think that I like it.

Vince:  I like my stouts on the coffee end instead of the…

Vince:  What’s it like to be a dog and be afraid of coins in a jar?

Vince:  This tastes like when something is rusting in water.

Alec:  It’s diluted oil.

Vince:  That’s 6,000 mile oil right there.

Vince:  I hate to go back to the Chimay again, but this has those same overtones to me.

Alec:  It’s just like the Milk Stout to me.

Josh:  I smell the Milk Stout.

Vince:  No way, you guys need to have a Milk Stout and compare them.

Alec:  Ok.

At this point, Vince takes Alec’s glass into the kitchen to clean it out, and accidentally smashes it into the sink.

Josh:  He hates this beer so much he smashed that glass.  “What if I can’t clean it enough to get the taste out?”

Josh:  The Milk Stout has more coffee tones.

Alec:  The Milk Stout tastes weaker.

Vince/Josh:  It is weaker.

Vince:  But it’s better.  It’s so smooth.

Alec:  It is smoother, but I don’t think it’s any better.

Josh:  The tastes of the whiskey and the beer just don’t compliment each other.


Vince:  It’s really heavy.  I can feel it sitting.

Alec:  This is not a sipping beer.  This would go great with Irish food.

Josh:  It gets better as you get used to the taste.

Final Thoughts

Vince:  It’s alright.

Alec:  I like it as much as I like the Milk Stout.

Josh:  I would give this a 2.5.

Vince:  It’s an interesting taste for sure.  I like it, I think it’s OK.

Josh:  If I had options, this would not be what I would choose.

Alec:  I’d give this a 4, easily.

Samuel Adams – Irish Red



From the website:

As comforting as an evening in an Irish pub, this red ale brings together a roasted malt sweetness with an earthy hoppiness for an incredible balance and full flavor.


Alec:  Looks pretty.  The head was good.

Josh:  The head was great.  It’s got a beautiful color.

Vince:  Yeah it’s very pretty.


Josh:  Smells like beer.

Vince:  Generic beer.

Josh:  I just snorted some, it tastes great in my nose.


Vince:  This would be a good food beer.

Alec:  It’s got a tanginess to it.

Vince:  I would say this is not one of my favorite Sam Adams because of that tanginess.  I don’t like the aftertaste.


Alec:  I like this one but I dunno…

Josh:  It’s just a good, easy beer.  It’s not something that’s going to offend.

Vince:  It reminds me of a flat IPA.  You can start to taste that wave of hoppiness from the IPA.

Alec:  Well it is a Sam Adams.  They love their hops.

Final Thoughts

Alec:  It’s ok.

Vince:  It’s alright.

Josh:  I like it, but it’s not like a Top 10 beer or anything.

Vince:  It’s a good chatty beer.

Alec:  If you served this to me, I wouldn’t hate you for it, but I probably wouldn’t bother to ask you what it is.

Vince:  It’s got a good color, it’s a safe beer.

Josh:  I think I would order it if I was out, but just because I’m surprised it’s on the menu.

Red Brick Brewing – Old Stock Ale


From the website:

A blend of three copper ales. One aged in oak barrels for 60 days. Another brewed with LOTS of dark caramel roasted malts, and one brewed with a blend of sweet and bitter orange peels and star anise. Lots of complexity. Will age well.


Alec:  How’s it smell?

Vince:  Like blood.

Alec:  I don’t smell it like I did the Wee Heavy.

Vince:  Yeah it’s not very aromatic.


Vince:  The head on this is awesome.

Alec:  I can see the yeast without a light on it.


Alec:  It’s kind of bland.

Josh:  It’s got such a weird taste.  I don’t know if it’s caramel or…

Vince:  If you were to give me both the beers we just had, I would think this was the Wee Heavy, because it’s more raw.


Vince:  Not my favorite beer.

Alec:  I like it, I would order more of these over the Wee Heavy.  This would be a less filling beer.

Vince:  My dog threw up and then ate it.

Vince:  This beer’s kinda thick for my taste.  It’s a really needy beer.

Final Thoughts

Alec:  I think it’s more drinkable than the Wee Heavy, but I really liked the Wee Heavy.

Vince:  It’s a very thick beer that I probably wouldn’t order.  It’s good, I just probably wouldn’t order it.

Josh:  I would order it if I just wanted one beer.  It’d be a good once-a-month beer.

Alec:  It’s a good at-home beer.

Vince:  It’s good.  Out of 5 I’d give it 3.

Josh:  I would probably go 3.5. 3.25.

Alec:  I’d probably go with 4.

Red Brick Brewing – Wee Heavy


It looks like Red Brick Brewing already took down the website for this beer.  All I can say is we were very nervous about this after our last experience with a Wee Heavy.


Vince:  It smells good.

Alec:  It doesn’t smell like throw-up.

Vince:  No, it kinda smells like the Chimay we had.

Alec:  It just smells like a really thick ale.


Alec:  I wish it had more head, nice color though.  It’s really thick and dark.

Vince:  Yeah it’s like a Chimay mixed with a stout.

Alec:  There’s something just hanging around in the beer, I think it’s the yeast.  Wow.

Vince:  That’s really intense.

Alec:  You can see chunks.


Alec:  Not anywhere near as bad as that other one.

Vince:  It’s good.

Alec:  I don’t know that I would normally get it but…it’s definitely got a different taste to it.

Vince:  It’s really heavy.

Alec:  Yeah but I’m not gagging as soon as I let it hit my palate.

Vince:  It kinda has a coffee-like taste to it.


Alec:  It’s growing on me; the more I drink, the more I like it.

Vince:  This is a beer you would drink with some friends, and just sip on it.  I feel like I’ve already drank the whole thing.  At this point he was about 1/3 through the glass.

Alec:  Yeah, this is not your “I’m going to go out and drink a lot of beers” beer.  But I like it.

Vince:  I do too, way better than the Sam Adams crap we had.

Alec:  I’m really liking it; I’m almost done already.

Final Thoughts

Alec:  It’s amazing.

Josh:  It was incredible!  I’ve never had a better beer in my life.

Vince:  It was a step up over Sam Adams.

Josh:  Just a step?

Vince:  It was good, tastes like Chimay.

Leinenkugel’s – Canoe Paddler


From the website:

In 1906, the Kolsch-style beer originated from the Cologne region of Germany as a crisp and light beer to combat the summer heat. Leinenkugel’s® Canoe Paddler™ is our take on the Kolsch-style beer that we tweaked with a touch of rye. Our spring and summer seasonal has subtle malt flavors, a clean finish and adventurous quality.


Still eating some pizza with this one.


Vince:  Smells like Natty Light.  Recognize that smell, Stevo?

Alec:  Smells like water.

Vince:  It’s got that cheap bar-beer smell to it.  After you have a really crazy party, and there’s a bunch of solo cups laying around; this is what you smell the next day.  Smells like a large pitcher of cheap beer.


Alec:  Head didn’t last very long.


Stevo:  Definitely has that wet paper towel, or cardboard flavor.  PBR tastes better than this.

Alec:  You think so?

Vince:  Yeah this is probably … no.  This is like drinking Natty Light.

Stevo:  I think Natty Light actually has a better flavor.  Natty Light tastes like carbonated water.  This tastes like carbonated water plus, a dead rat.

Vince:  This isn’t good at all.

Alec:  I think you’re going a little overboard.

Stevo:  It’s a little bad.

Alec:  It’s not great.

Vince:  This reminds me of my days of beer pong and “Let’s buy the cheapest thing we can find.”

Stevo:  I feel like it’s overly carbonated to make up for the lack of taste.  Very dull.

Alec:  It’s good with the pizza with jalapeños.  It washes away the burn for just a second.  Then it comes back just a little bit.

Vince:  What’s that taste…?

Stevo:  Dirty tap.  This is what the vendors give the bars.  “This is what your beer could taste like if you don’t allow us to clean your taps.”  It kind of has a little bit of a blood taste…afterwards.

Alec:  Are you sure you’re not dying?

Stevo:  I think I’m actually bleeding because of this.


Vince:  You could pound 8 of these.  Not because of the flavor though.  You could pound 8 of these because you have to.

Alec:  You could probably get pounded after you’ve had 8 of these.

Stevo:  Well, it works both ways.

Vince:  This isn’t good.  If it were this and Miller Light on tap, I’d have to go Miller Light.

Alec:  Those are harsh words, my friend.

Stevo:  I would go with that too.

Vince:  MGD 64 over this.  I could think of a plethora of beers over this one.  This is probably my least favorite beer.

Stevo:  I would say some sort of cider would be below this.  I would rather have this than a cider.

Vince:  In terms of beer, the Wee Heavy is probably neck and neck with this.

Alec:  No the Wee Heavy makes you want to vomit; this you can drink, it’s just boring.

Stevo:  This is all the downsides of light beer without any of the good part.

Alec:  This would be what you would serve before Budweiser if you wanted to tell people you were serving good beer.  Then you start serving the Budweiser and no one can tell the difference.

Stevo:  No you serve this after; the Budweiser is better.

Vince:  This is like “I’ll have a beer, I don’t want Budweiser, you got anything better?” “Well I’ve got Canoe Paddle too” “Oh that sounds nice.”

Stevo:  I’ll have the Budweiser.

Vince:  I’m not enjoying this at all.  Is that thunder?

Stevo:  The beer gods are angry.

Final Thoughts

Vince:  I don’t recommend this at all.  Natty Light and pondwater.

Stevo:  Natty Light and three-day-old Natty Light from outside.

Alec:  This is a great beer if you’re eating spicy food, and you don’t really care about the flavor of the beer.

Stevo:  And they don’t have water.  I just got a whiff of cigarette butt.  Doesn’t it smell like someone dunked their cigarette in here to put it out?

Vince:  This tastes like dirty casino.  This is terrible beer.  This is probably what they scoop out of the canoe at the end of the journey.

Alec:  Eat a jalapeño and try it.

Stevo:  Ok I chewed the jalapeño on every side of my mouth.  It actually tastes like how it smells now.  You don’t actually taste the… I would agree with what you said about rinsing away the hotness and bringing it back gently.

Vince:  This is like 8 rounds of beer pong, and you just keep pouring more beer into the same cups.

Stevo:  Yeah and everyone’s been drinking out of them, that’s what this tastes like.

Alec:  It tastes like herpes.

Vince:  Yeah, the ball has rolled on the floor and picked up dog hair.

Alec:  It tastes like herpes and dog hair.

Stevo:  I’m sweating right now from the beer.  My body’s shutting down.

Vince:  His body’s rejecting it.

Vince:  This beer’s what college dreams are made of.

Stevo:  College mistakes.

Vince:  This is the amateur’s craft beer.  When you want to tell people “Oh man, I’m off of Natty Light now, but I’m drinking this Paddle Creek crap.”

Stevo:  This is your frat guy transition beer.

Vince:  Out of 5, I’m gonna go 1.  ‘Cause I don’t want to give it a 0.

Stevo:  I’d go with a…umm…a…umm…1.  For lack of a lower choice.

Alec:  I could agree with a 1.  Not because I hate it but because…

Stevo:  Life’s too short to waste it on this beer.

Vince:  How can they be proud of this?