Why another beer review website?

Easy, there are plenty of beer review websites written by people who obsess over the gravity, hops, and serving temperature of beers.

We do not.

If you want to buy beer from the local store, keep it in your fridge, and drink it without a lot of thought we want to be your guide.

It’s that simple.

What gave you the idea?

Wee Heavy.

We’ve always enjoyed trying different beers together, and while in Boston we all went on the Sam Adams tour. Wee Heavy was just supposed to be another beer to try.

It was so bad. It was so very bad.

Hopefully it was just a bad batch, but who knows if we are brave enough to return to it to find out.

Where’d the name come from?

We pitched a few names back and forth, some of which were already taken. During that process Alec remembered thinking “Is this even beer?” while drinking Wee Heavy.

We decided that was the best way to represent the basic style of beer reviews we wanted to do.