Samuel Adams – Irish Red



From the website:

As comforting as an evening in an Irish pub, this red ale brings together a roasted malt sweetness with an earthy hoppiness for an incredible balance and full flavor.


Alec:  Looks pretty.  The head was good.

Josh:  The head was great.  It’s got a beautiful color.

Vince:  Yeah it’s very pretty.


Josh:  Smells like beer.

Vince:  Generic beer.

Josh:  I just snorted some, it tastes great in my nose.


Vince:  This would be a good food beer.

Alec:  It’s got a tanginess to it.

Vince:  I would say this is not one of my favorite Sam Adams because of that tanginess.  I don’t like the aftertaste.


Alec:  I like this one but I dunno…

Josh:  It’s just a good, easy beer.  It’s not something that’s going to offend.

Vince:  It reminds me of a flat IPA.  You can start to taste that wave of hoppiness from the IPA.

Alec:  Well it is a Sam Adams.  They love their hops.

Final Thoughts

Alec:  It’s ok.

Vince:  It’s alright.

Josh:  I like it, but it’s not like a Top 10 beer or anything.

Vince:  It’s a good chatty beer.

Alec:  If you served this to me, I wouldn’t hate you for it, but I probably wouldn’t bother to ask you what it is.

Vince:  It’s got a good color, it’s a safe beer.

Josh:  I think I would order it if I was out, but just because I’m surprised it’s on the menu.

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