Red Brick Brewing – Wee Heavy


It looks like Red Brick Brewing already took down the website for this beer.  All I can say is we were very nervous about this after our last experience with a Wee Heavy.


Vince:  It smells good.

Alec:  It doesn’t smell like throw-up.

Vince:  No, it kinda smells like the Chimay we had.

Alec:  It just smells like a really thick ale.


Alec:  I wish it had more head, nice color though.  It’s really thick and dark.

Vince:  Yeah it’s like a Chimay mixed with a stout.

Alec:  There’s something just hanging around in the beer, I think it’s the yeast.  Wow.

Vince:  That’s really intense.

Alec:  You can see chunks.


Alec:  Not anywhere near as bad as that other one.

Vince:  It’s good.

Alec:  I don’t know that I would normally get it but…it’s definitely got a different taste to it.

Vince:  It’s really heavy.

Alec:  Yeah but I’m not gagging as soon as I let it hit my palate.

Vince:  It kinda has a coffee-like taste to it.


Alec:  It’s growing on me; the more I drink, the more I like it.

Vince:  This is a beer you would drink with some friends, and just sip on it.  I feel like I’ve already drank the whole thing.  At this point he was about 1/3 through the glass.

Alec:  Yeah, this is not your “I’m going to go out and drink a lot of beers” beer.  But I like it.

Vince:  I do too, way better than the Sam Adams crap we had.

Alec:  I’m really liking it; I’m almost done already.

Final Thoughts

Alec:  It’s amazing.

Josh:  It was incredible!  I’ve never had a better beer in my life.

Vince:  It was a step up over Sam Adams.

Josh:  Just a step?

Vince:  It was good, tastes like Chimay.

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