Red Brick Brewing – Old Stock Ale


From the website:

A blend of three copper ales. One aged in oak barrels for 60 days. Another brewed with LOTS of dark caramel roasted malts, and one brewed with a blend of sweet and bitter orange peels and star anise. Lots of complexity. Will age well.


Alec:  How’s it smell?

Vince:  Like blood.

Alec:  I don’t smell it like I did the Wee Heavy.

Vince:  Yeah it’s not very aromatic.


Vince:  The head on this is awesome.

Alec:  I can see the yeast without a light on it.


Alec:  It’s kind of bland.

Josh:  It’s got such a weird taste.  I don’t know if it’s caramel or…

Vince:  If you were to give me both the beers we just had, I would think this was the Wee Heavy, because it’s more raw.


Vince:  Not my favorite beer.

Alec:  I like it, I would order more of these over the Wee Heavy.  This would be a less filling beer.

Vince:  My dog threw up and then ate it.

Vince:  This beer’s kinda thick for my taste.  It’s a really needy beer.

Final Thoughts

Alec:  I think it’s more drinkable than the Wee Heavy, but I really liked the Wee Heavy.

Vince:  It’s a very thick beer that I probably wouldn’t order.  It’s good, I just probably wouldn’t order it.

Josh:  I would order it if I just wanted one beer.  It’d be a good once-a-month beer.

Alec:  It’s a good at-home beer.

Vince:  It’s good.  Out of 5 I’d give it 3.

Josh:  I would probably go 3.5. 3.25.

Alec:  I’d probably go with 4.

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