Widmer Brothers – Nelson Imperial IPA


From the website:

Take your taste buds on a journey to the far side of the world. New Zealand’s legendary Nelson Sauvin hop gives us a powerful hoppy character, but none of the heaviness you sometimes find in Imperial IPAs. The result is a big brew with a sweet, malty character that perfectly balances the intense hop aroma and flavor.


We ordered some pizzas to have with these beers.  One just had cheese and Alfredo sauce, the other had veggies and jalapeños on it.  The heat from the jalapeños really added to the flavor of the beer.


Alec:  How does it smell?

Vince:  Hoppy.

Alec:  Yeah it smells like straight hops.

Vince:  Yeah, I just smell hops, very good though.


Vince:  It’s got a great color too.

Alec:  I like how it keeps bubbling the entire time you’re drinking it.


Vince: Tastes like Hopsecutioner, except lighter.  It’s citrusy.

Stevo:  It pairs really well with the pizza.

Vince:  This is a really enjoyable beer.  This would be a great go-to.

Alec:  It goes great with the peppers on the pizza too.

Stevo:  I feel like it’s just over the line, when it comes to IPAs.

Alec:  Just a little hoppy.

Stevo:  Yeah, and it’s got really nice carbonation.

Vince:  You got stuffed crust?  Hell yeah!  You’re the best dad ever.

Vince:  I could drink a couple of these, it doesn’t leave that lingering taste like Hopsecutioner does.

Stevo:  It’s very light on the palate.

Alec:  I like this, it’s probably one of the better IPAs to me.  It’s not trying to hit you in the face with hops; you know those beers, it’s like you got hit in the back of the head, there so much hops.

Vince:  Yeah, it’s like “How hoppy can we make it?”

Alec:  It’s like a milder Dogfish Head IPA.

Vince:  Or Sierra Nevada.

Stevo:  If Sierra Nevada, Yuengling, and Bud Light came together, this would be their child.

Vince:  That’s a great child.

Stevo:  Delicious love child.


Vince:  Great beer, good choice.  We picked it because it was in a four pack.  Well, that and we were looking for an IPA.

Vince:  It upsets me, this company definitely has great beer, but I’ve never heard of them before.

Final Thoughts

Alec: I like it a lot.

Vince:  I could drink more of these.

Stevo:  It’s good.  It’s a good beer to have with dinner.

Vince:  It would be a great go-to beer like I said.  If I were going out of 5 I’d give it 4 out of 5.

Stevo:  Sounds about right, 3.7 out of 5.

Alec:  I’d say 4 out of 5.  It’s not my favorite beer in the world but it’s definitely up there in the top.

Vince:  One thing that goes into that is that it’s not freezing cold, and it still holds up.

Stevo:  It would be a good introduction beer, for someone new to IPAs.

Vince/Alec:  Yeah!  Perfect.

Alec:  Here’s a little more hoppiness than you’re used to, now try Hopsecutioner.

Stevo:  It’s also not the most mild I’ve had.

Alec:  Yeah you won’t die from all the hops in it, but you’re going to notice it.

Stevo:  It’s zesty.

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