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Red Brick Brewing – Old Stock Ale


From the website:

A blend of three copper ales. One aged in oak barrels for 60 days. Another brewed with LOTS of dark caramel roasted malts, and one brewed with a blend of sweet and bitter orange peels and star anise. Lots of complexity. Will age well.


Alec:  How’s it smell?

Vince:  Like blood.

Alec:  I don’t smell it like I did the Wee Heavy.

Vince:  Yeah it’s not very aromatic.


Vince:  The head on this is awesome.

Alec:  I can see the yeast without a light on it.


Alec:  It’s kind of bland.

Josh:  It’s got such a weird taste.  I don’t know if it’s caramel or…

Vince:  If you were to give me both the beers we just had, I would think this was the Wee Heavy, because it’s more raw.


Vince:  Not my favorite beer.

Alec:  I like it, I would order more of these over the Wee Heavy.  This would be a less filling beer.

Vince:  My dog threw up and then ate it.

Vince:  This beer’s kinda thick for my taste.  It’s a really needy beer.

Final Thoughts

Alec:  I think it’s more drinkable than the Wee Heavy, but I really liked the Wee Heavy.

Vince:  It’s a very thick beer that I probably wouldn’t order.  It’s good, I just probably wouldn’t order it.

Josh:  I would order it if I just wanted one beer.  It’d be a good once-a-month beer.

Alec:  It’s a good at-home beer.

Vince:  It’s good.  Out of 5 I’d give it 3.

Josh:  I would probably go 3.5. 3.25.

Alec:  I’d probably go with 4.

Red Brick Brewing – Wee Heavy


It looks like Red Brick Brewing already took down the website for this beer.  All I can say is we were very nervous about this after our last experience with a Wee Heavy.


Vince:  It smells good.

Alec:  It doesn’t smell like throw-up.

Vince:  No, it kinda smells like the Chimay we had.

Alec:  It just smells like a really thick ale.


Alec:  I wish it had more head, nice color though.  It’s really thick and dark.

Vince:  Yeah it’s like a Chimay mixed with a stout.

Alec:  There’s something just hanging around in the beer, I think it’s the yeast.  Wow.

Vince:  That’s really intense.

Alec:  You can see chunks.


Alec:  Not anywhere near as bad as that other one.

Vince:  It’s good.

Alec:  I don’t know that I would normally get it but…it’s definitely got a different taste to it.

Vince:  It’s really heavy.

Alec:  Yeah but I’m not gagging as soon as I let it hit my palate.

Vince:  It kinda has a coffee-like taste to it.


Alec:  It’s growing on me; the more I drink, the more I like it.

Vince:  This is a beer you would drink with some friends, and just sip on it.  I feel like I’ve already drank the whole thing.  At this point he was about 1/3 through the glass.

Alec:  Yeah, this is not your “I’m going to go out and drink a lot of beers” beer.  But I like it.

Vince:  I do too, way better than the Sam Adams crap we had.

Alec:  I’m really liking it; I’m almost done already.

Final Thoughts

Alec:  It’s amazing.

Josh:  It was incredible!  I’ve never had a better beer in my life.

Vince:  It was a step up over Sam Adams.

Josh:  Just a step?

Vince:  It was good, tastes like Chimay.

Leinenkugel’s – Canoe Paddler


From the website:

In 1906, the Kolsch-style beer originated from the Cologne region of Germany as a crisp and light beer to combat the summer heat. Leinenkugel’s® Canoe Paddler™ is our take on the Kolsch-style beer that we tweaked with a touch of rye. Our spring and summer seasonal has subtle malt flavors, a clean finish and adventurous quality.


Still eating some pizza with this one.


Vince:  Smells like Natty Light.  Recognize that smell, Stevo?

Alec:  Smells like water.

Vince:  It’s got that cheap bar-beer smell to it.  After you have a really crazy party, and there’s a bunch of solo cups laying around; this is what you smell the next day.  Smells like a large pitcher of cheap beer.


Alec:  Head didn’t last very long.


Stevo:  Definitely has that wet paper towel, or cardboard flavor.  PBR tastes better than this.

Alec:  You think so?

Vince:  Yeah this is probably … no.  This is like drinking Natty Light.

Stevo:  I think Natty Light actually has a better flavor.  Natty Light tastes like carbonated water.  This tastes like carbonated water plus, a dead rat.

Vince:  This isn’t good at all.

Alec:  I think you’re going a little overboard.

Stevo:  It’s a little bad.

Alec:  It’s not great.

Vince:  This reminds me of my days of beer pong and “Let’s buy the cheapest thing we can find.”

Stevo:  I feel like it’s overly carbonated to make up for the lack of taste.  Very dull.

Alec:  It’s good with the pizza with jalapeños.  It washes away the burn for just a second.  Then it comes back just a little bit.

Vince:  What’s that taste…?

Stevo:  Dirty tap.  This is what the vendors give the bars.  “This is what your beer could taste like if you don’t allow us to clean your taps.”  It kind of has a little bit of a blood taste…afterwards.

Alec:  Are you sure you’re not dying?

Stevo:  I think I’m actually bleeding because of this.


Vince:  You could pound 8 of these.  Not because of the flavor though.  You could pound 8 of these because you have to.

Alec:  You could probably get pounded after you’ve had 8 of these.

Stevo:  Well, it works both ways.

Vince:  This isn’t good.  If it were this and Miller Light on tap, I’d have to go Miller Light.

Alec:  Those are harsh words, my friend.

Stevo:  I would go with that too.

Vince:  MGD 64 over this.  I could think of a plethora of beers over this one.  This is probably my least favorite beer.

Stevo:  I would say some sort of cider would be below this.  I would rather have this than a cider.

Vince:  In terms of beer, the Wee Heavy is probably neck and neck with this.

Alec:  No the Wee Heavy makes you want to vomit; this you can drink, it’s just boring.

Stevo:  This is all the downsides of light beer without any of the good part.

Alec:  This would be what you would serve before Budweiser if you wanted to tell people you were serving good beer.  Then you start serving the Budweiser and no one can tell the difference.

Stevo:  No you serve this after; the Budweiser is better.

Vince:  This is like “I’ll have a beer, I don’t want Budweiser, you got anything better?” “Well I’ve got Canoe Paddle too” “Oh that sounds nice.”

Stevo:  I’ll have the Budweiser.

Vince:  I’m not enjoying this at all.  Is that thunder?

Stevo:  The beer gods are angry.

Final Thoughts

Vince:  I don’t recommend this at all.  Natty Light and pondwater.

Stevo:  Natty Light and three-day-old Natty Light from outside.

Alec:  This is a great beer if you’re eating spicy food, and you don’t really care about the flavor of the beer.

Stevo:  And they don’t have water.  I just got a whiff of cigarette butt.  Doesn’t it smell like someone dunked their cigarette in here to put it out?

Vince:  This tastes like dirty casino.  This is terrible beer.  This is probably what they scoop out of the canoe at the end of the journey.

Alec:  Eat a jalapeño and try it.

Stevo:  Ok I chewed the jalapeño on every side of my mouth.  It actually tastes like how it smells now.  You don’t actually taste the… I would agree with what you said about rinsing away the hotness and bringing it back gently.

Vince:  This is like 8 rounds of beer pong, and you just keep pouring more beer into the same cups.

Stevo:  Yeah and everyone’s been drinking out of them, that’s what this tastes like.

Alec:  It tastes like herpes.

Vince:  Yeah, the ball has rolled on the floor and picked up dog hair.

Alec:  It tastes like herpes and dog hair.

Stevo:  I’m sweating right now from the beer.  My body’s shutting down.

Vince:  His body’s rejecting it.

Vince:  This beer’s what college dreams are made of.

Stevo:  College mistakes.

Vince:  This is the amateur’s craft beer.  When you want to tell people “Oh man, I’m off of Natty Light now, but I’m drinking this Paddle Creek crap.”

Stevo:  This is your frat guy transition beer.

Vince:  Out of 5, I’m gonna go 1.  ‘Cause I don’t want to give it a 0.

Stevo:  I’d go with a…umm…a…umm…1.  For lack of a lower choice.

Alec:  I could agree with a 1.  Not because I hate it but because…

Stevo:  Life’s too short to waste it on this beer.

Vince:  How can they be proud of this?


Widmer Brothers – Nelson Imperial IPA


From the website:

Take your taste buds on a journey to the far side of the world. New Zealand’s legendary Nelson Sauvin hop gives us a powerful hoppy character, but none of the heaviness you sometimes find in Imperial IPAs. The result is a big brew with a sweet, malty character that perfectly balances the intense hop aroma and flavor.


We ordered some pizzas to have with these beers.  One just had cheese and Alfredo sauce, the other had veggies and jalapeños on it.  The heat from the jalapeños really added to the flavor of the beer.


Alec:  How does it smell?

Vince:  Hoppy.

Alec:  Yeah it smells like straight hops.

Vince:  Yeah, I just smell hops, very good though.


Vince:  It’s got a great color too.

Alec:  I like how it keeps bubbling the entire time you’re drinking it.


Vince: Tastes like Hopsecutioner, except lighter.  It’s citrusy.

Stevo:  It pairs really well with the pizza.

Vince:  This is a really enjoyable beer.  This would be a great go-to.

Alec:  It goes great with the peppers on the pizza too.

Stevo:  I feel like it’s just over the line, when it comes to IPAs.

Alec:  Just a little hoppy.

Stevo:  Yeah, and it’s got really nice carbonation.

Vince:  You got stuffed crust?  Hell yeah!  You’re the best dad ever.

Vince:  I could drink a couple of these, it doesn’t leave that lingering taste like Hopsecutioner does.

Stevo:  It’s very light on the palate.

Alec:  I like this, it’s probably one of the better IPAs to me.  It’s not trying to hit you in the face with hops; you know those beers, it’s like you got hit in the back of the head, there so much hops.

Vince:  Yeah, it’s like “How hoppy can we make it?”

Alec:  It’s like a milder Dogfish Head IPA.

Vince:  Or Sierra Nevada.

Stevo:  If Sierra Nevada, Yuengling, and Bud Light came together, this would be their child.

Vince:  That’s a great child.

Stevo:  Delicious love child.


Vince:  Great beer, good choice.  We picked it because it was in a four pack.  Well, that and we were looking for an IPA.

Vince:  It upsets me, this company definitely has great beer, but I’ve never heard of them before.

Final Thoughts

Alec: I like it a lot.

Vince:  I could drink more of these.

Stevo:  It’s good.  It’s a good beer to have with dinner.

Vince:  It would be a great go-to beer like I said.  If I were going out of 5 I’d give it 4 out of 5.

Stevo:  Sounds about right, 3.7 out of 5.

Alec:  I’d say 4 out of 5.  It’s not my favorite beer in the world but it’s definitely up there in the top.

Vince:  One thing that goes into that is that it’s not freezing cold, and it still holds up.

Stevo:  It would be a good introduction beer, for someone new to IPAs.

Vince/Alec:  Yeah!  Perfect.

Alec:  Here’s a little more hoppiness than you’re used to, now try Hopsecutioner.

Stevo:  It’s also not the most mild I’ve had.

Alec:  Yeah you won’t die from all the hops in it, but you’re going to notice it.

Stevo:  It’s zesty.