Shock Top – End of the World Midnight Wheat


From the website:

Shock Top End of the World Midnight Wheat is an unfiltered wheat ale brewed with midnight wheat, chocolate malt, chilies and other spices. This limited edition 6% ABV ale has a dark, rich color and delivers an indulgent flavor and sessionability, making it the perfect beer to celebrate the end of the world.


We were snacking on orange scones while drinking this one.  Why?  Ana took the whole day off knowing that she was coming over to slave in the kitchen after forcing her mother into indentured servitude to make some and surprised us.


Everyone was afraid the world was going to end before they could taste it so we never really got to look at it.  The color was nice, but the head disappeared almost immediately, as you can see in the image.


Vince:  Smells pretty good.

Ana:  Smells like a fruity Yuengling.

Ian:  Yep, smells like Yuengling.


Vince:  Tastes a little like pizza.

Donnie:  It tastes like it would be really good with pizza.

Alec:  Does anyone taste the chilies?

Ana:  No, I’m waiting for it, not getting any.

Vince:  I think I can taste it, that’s why I think it tastes like pizza a little bit.

Donnie:  It’s normal.

Ian:  It’s a good beer, I’d order it.

Donnie:  I wouldn’t order it, if it was given to me I’d drink it.

Alec:  You won’t order it because the world is going to end.

Ana:  Well yeah, if the world ends we’re only going to have this one.

Ian:  It’s buttery.

Donnie:  No, it’s not.

Josh:  It’s like margarine.

Vince:  It’s kind of heavy.

Donnie:  No, it’s not.

Vince:  Just kidding guys, it’s not heavy.

Alec:  I wish the chili taste was more prominent.

Ian:  I agree.

Donnie:  There’s a chili taste in here?

Ana:  There’s supposed to be.


Donnie:  I would rather have Yuengling.

Josh:  I’m really not liking this.

Donnie:  It’s fine, it’s not great.

Vince:  I don’t enjoy this.

Ana:  Not bad, but utterly unmemorable.

Alec:  I’m not unhappy, but I’m underwhelmed.

Donnie:  It’s a beer.

Ian:  Just a drinkable beer.

Ana:  Damned with faint praise.

Ian:  It’s like Bud Light, Bud Light with chocolate in it.

Josh:  I’d rather have a Bud Light.

Alec:  I’m gonna disagree with that one.

Final Thoughts

After five minutes of talk about cat buttholes…

Donnie:  It’s good, it’s fine, whatever.

Vince:  I don’t care if I never see this beer again.

Ian:  I don’t think it’s that bad, I think it’d be better on draft, pizza would be good with it.

Vince:  It’d be great on draft if it were like $1.95.

Ian:  It’s Bud Light, but brown.

Alec:  With weird flavors mixed into it, but just barely.

Josh:  It’s terrible.

Alec:  I could take it or leave it.

Josh:  I’m completely underwhelmed.

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