Left Hand Brewing – Milk Stout


From the website:

Milk sugar in your stout is like cream in your coffee. Dark and delicious, America’s great milk stout will change your perception about what a stout can be. Preconceived notions are the blinders on the road to enlightenment. Udderly delightful.


No food, but we had two other beers earlier in the night.


Ian: That head, look at it, it’s like Coke!

Josh: It is really weird-looking.

Vince: It looks just like a glass of Coke.

Ian: Look at that head!

Josh: I know I saw it.

Ian: You don’t understand!

Alec: It looks like espresso.


Ian: It smells good.

Josh: This smells incredible.

Ian: Have you ever had the Bold City coffee stout? That tastes amazing, and this, this smells better than that.

Alec: It smells like stale Guinness.

Josh: This is the first beer we’ve done, where I just want to keep smelling it.


Vince: This has a great taste to it.

Alec: It’s good.

Vince: This is probably one of my favorite stouts, right next to Yeti.

Donnie: I’ve never had Yeti, but this is really good.

Josh: It’s strange, it tastes so much like coffee.

Ian: This tastes great, this is great beer. I would order it over Guinness.

Alec: I would not.

Donnie: This would be incredible to drink over breakfast, not even kidding.


Josh: This is not as heavy as Guinness.

Vince: For people that don’t like stouts, this would be great. This doesn’t have that really strong bite to it.

Ian: I’d have another one after this.

Vince: Where does this beer take you? Where can you see yourself drinking this beer?

Ian: I see this like an afternoon beer, with a lunch.

Josh: This is a beer I could have in the morning.

Donnie: This is what I want tomorrow when I wake up, with steak and eggs.

Final Thoughts

Ian: It smells great, the color’s great.

Donnie: I would give this a 4.5.

Josh: Thank you!

Alec: I’d go 4, but that’s just because I like stouts.

Donnie: Are you not impressed only because you love Guinness so much?

Alec: No, I wouldn’t say that Guinness is a 5.

Vince: Would you say that Guinness is the best stout you’ve ever had?

Alec: I dunno about that either.

After they finished grilling Alec about his love affair with Guinness…

Vince: I can imagine having this on a cold winter night.

Ian: Is this better than a Guinness? I don’t know, but if they were next to each other, I would order this, because I could always get Guinness.

Josh: This has a more interesting taste.

Vince: This is enjoyable.

Donnie: If any beer needs to adorn a gold medal, it’s this beer.

Vince: 4.5

Donnie: 4.5

Ian: 4.5. I don’t know what’s going to get a 5, but this is as close as it’s going to get so far.

Josh: I’m going to say 4, because I don’t want Donnie to have to make half of whatever we decide on [for ratings].

Alec: I’m going with 4.

Vince: If nothing becomes 5, this will become my 5.

Donnie: Yeah.

Josh: Right now this leads the category in stout for me, period.

Donnie: Probably the best thing I could say is I’m sad I don’t have any more.

Josh: This is better beer.

We then decided to evenly split the last bottle because we all wanted more.