Blue Point – Toasted Lager


From the website:

Blue Point Brewing’s award-winning Toasted Lager is our flagship product. Copper in color this brew is made from six different malts including: English Pale, Crystal, Munich, Carapils, Wheat and Belgian Caravienna. Toasted Lager displays a balanced flavor of malt and hop which makes for easy drinking. Special lager yeast is used to produce that long lasting, smooth finish. The “toasted” part of the name refers to our direct-fire brew kettle’s hot flames that impart a toasted flavor to our most popular microbrew.


No food tonight, we keep spending all our money on beer.


Alec:  Generic beer.

Vince:  Pretty gold.  Good-looking beer, head went away very quickly.


Alec: Smells like every other beer.


Alec:  Good, not exciting.

Ian:  I think it’s warm.

Vince:  It is warm.

Alec:  It doesn’t taste cold, but it doesn’t feel warm.

Vince:  It tastes very generic.

Josh:  It was refrigerated at Total Wine, and again here.

Donnie:  It tastes better than PBR, it’s very good.

Vince:  It’s not very hoppy.

Ian:  It has this aftertaste…bite.

Vince:  I don’t like the aftertaste.

Donnie:  I do!

Ian:  Thank God you’re not doing the review!  It tastes terrible, I drink it and think, “This is disgusting.”

Vince:  I don’t want to drink any of this.

Ian:  The aftertaste is terrible.  Reading the packaging.  Complex flavors, but I don’t know what’s going on when I drink it.

Alec:  It tastes different.

Donnie:  I’d say it was flavorful.

Ian:  But what does it taste like?

Donnie: …..complex flavors.

Josh:  It tastes like terrible white bread.

Ian:  It’s like Wonder Bread.

Josh:  Actually it’s like Walmart bread.

Alec:  It’s not terrible.

Vince:  It has a cheap beer taste to it.


Donnie:  I wouldn’t pay more than three dollars for it in a restaurant, but it’s a good beer.

Alec:  I think it’s a fine beer, but I wouldn’t order another glass after the first one.

Ian:  I sip it, and it tastes like water, then I swallow and it’s like…acid.  It’s not a good beer.

Vince:  I wouldn’t order this again, I would be offended if someone bought this for me.

Ian:  Is it drinkable? NO!

Donnie:  I’m not saying I like it, but I don’t think it’s a bad beer.  I think it’s drinkable.

Ian:  You drink it, you don’t taste it, then you swallow, then it hits you, and it’s bad.

Josh:  I wouldn’t order this over Yuengling.

Donnie:  I would.

Ian:  You would order this over Yuengling?!  This is probably one of the worst beers I’ve ever had in my life.

Vince:  It’s not very drinkable.

Donnie:  I obviously found it very drinkable, I’d have more.

Final Thoughts

Alec:  It was ok.

Donnie:  I think it’s fine, that’s the best way to describe it.

Ian:  I’d rate this as one you should never try.

Alec:  It’s fine, nothing crazy to write home about, but I could drink it.

Donnie:  I’m with you.

Josh:  I’d say Ian’s going to give it a one, no one should ever drink it.  I’d give it a two, that it’s not going to kill you.

Alec:  Out of five I’d say three.

Vince:  I feel like this is a really ok rental car, it’s not a Kia, but it’s also not a Cadillac.

Alec:  This would probably be better with food, to get rid of the aftertaste.

Ian:  That might be true.

Donnie:  So let’s order a pizza and we’ll drink more.