Lazy Magnolia – Southern Pecan


From the website:

Southern Pecan Nut Brown Ale is the first beer in the world, to our knowledge, made with whole roasted pecans. The pecans are used just like grain and provide a nutty characteristic and a delightful depth to the flavor profile. This beer is very lightly hopped to allow the malty, caramel, and nutty flavors shine through. The color is dark mahogany. Southern Pecan won a Bronze Medal in the 2006 World Beer Cup in the Specialty Beer category.


Alec: No food with the beers tonight.

Vince: I stopped and got some Chik-fil-a on the way over but it didn’t last very long.

Josh: Nothing.


Alec: Nice dark color, but it’s hard to photograph because the head disappears so quickly.

Vince: The color is probably the best part of this beer. The head didn’t last at all.

Josh: It has a nice color, but I’d rather take a picture of this with your child’s camera instead of a good one.


Alec: Inoffensive.

Vince: Smells like nothing at first, but later on it reminded me of syrup.

Josh: The smell reminds me of my beer glasses when I don’t rinse them out, and then I smell them the next morning.


Alec: Too smooth, pretty boring. If you weren’t told this was a beer made with pecans you wouldn’t be able to figure it out. You could probably tell someone this was a Yuengling and they’d believe you.

Vince: It’s pleasant but it wouldn’t rank in my top 100 beers. It’s actually pretty underwhelming. Tastes good with Chik-fil-a though.

Josh: I thought the color was nice, but the taste doesn’t match the color. I wouldn’t order this anywhere.


Alec: It’s drinkable, but I don’t know why you’d want to.

Vince: You could drink this with a model and she would be OK with this.

Josh: You could actually switch a girl from a cosmo to this and she wouldn’t mind.

Vince: It’s like background noise, like when you have a movie playing while you fall asleep, you could be watching anything, like Jersey Shore, it’s just noise.

Final Thoughts

Josh: I’m crying.

Vince: Passable.

Josh: Blank.

Alec: If someone gave this to me I’d drink it.

Vince: I wouldn’t waste $3 on it.

Cleo: Meow.